Wearable Technology

When the dimension and weight of electronics are critical our special shape batteries proven to deliver good durability and reliability, outstanding performance and long cycle life for fast-growing smart , portable and wearable electronics.

With micro dimensions of 6-8mm and super thin batteries of 0.5-1.0mm high energy density, capacity, discharge performance and safety are the same as with ordinary batteries - just in the right shape to meet your demands. Possibilities are manifold: Arc-shape, trapezoid-shape, rectangle-shape, I-shape, narrow-shape are all available and make sure that best use is made of space in products. This makes them a perfect solution for small portable devices.


It is used in common applications as bluetooth earphones, wristbands, smart watches, pedometers, wrist watches and monitors. Further products include smart cards, medical equipment, security products and other customized devices.

The advantages are striking: Outstanding stacking technology and the ability to offer perfect professional and customized solutions for battery use speak for themselves. As for all our batteries, Wearable Electric Batteries are constantly controlled under high quality management standards. Wearable Electric Batteries technological advantage is kept through our patented technology to process arc-shape cells with good performance and layout.