Multicopter Battery

TATTU is suitable for four-axis, six-axis, eight-axis and every kind of fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and first person view (FPV) drones. Its high-capacity characteristics are suitable for aerial monitoring, pipeline monitoring, agricultural pesticide spraying, traffic surveillance, geographic mapping, search and rescue activities, public safety control due to high-field flight time requirements in these fields. High compatibility with the in the market popular multi-axis and fixed-wing UAV such as DJI, MIKROKOPTER, CINESTAR, Steadi drone, TBS, etc. makes it a better choice than other common brand's batteries as it can provide a more stable performance and longer flight time. TATTU means high performance, less weight and therefore more flight time.

Product Features:

High capacity: One set of batteries can now reach the maximum capacity of 22000mah. Currently we are developing a 30000mah battery whose series will have an even higher capacity.

High energy density: The battery's highest energy density reaches up to 245Wh/Kg. We use a special packaging technology including German durable and highly temperature resistant ORACOVER covering plus a 0.4mm thick aluminum layer for better heat dissipation and battery protection for example from puncturing through sharp objects.