Project - "Formula Student"

Sponsoring the engineering elite of tomorrow

Gens ace is the proud sponsor of Technical University of Darmstadt Racing Team DART ( and "TUfast - eco Team" of the Technical University of Munich ( We supply customized high-quality battery packages for the electric engines of both teams.

"Formula Student" - much more than just small racing cars

"Formula Student" is a university construction competition that enables future engineers to team up, built their own small-size formula one racing car, drive it and compete with teams of other universities ( The concept originating form the US, has by now connected leading engineering universities around the globe and become a demonstration of innovation, creativity and technical expertise.

Electric motors for the future

Since 2010 Student Formula Germany has added the category of electric racing cars and DART has ever since the start of their participation in this category received our support in designing high power and high energy density battery packages to "fuel" their electric motors. In 2012 they secured the 13th position in the global ranking and are working on further advancement in the top ten.

Our battery packages - an important component to success

To provide the highest energy density Lithium Polymer cells are used to build the battery packages for DART. In 2012 we supported them through 288 Lithium Polymer cells at 400V and 5,3kWh capacity. We are looking forward to working together with DART to explore possibilities of even higher voltage at even lesser weight.

"Shell Eco Marathon"

Tufast is participating in the annual Shell Eco Marathon in the category of "Battery Electric Protoypes" ( In 2013 the amazing performance of their prototype enabled them to climb up to the 2nd position on the global ranking -in the very first year that they were using Gens ace battery packages.

Endurance and performance - Gens ace convinces

The extreme conditions of the Shell Eco Marathon proof impressively the resilience and quality of Gens ace batteries. Tufast used a battery package of 13 series connected Lithium Polymer cells of 800mAh capacity and an auxiliary battery ( 3 cells, 2200mAh) for safety electronics and vehicle control system. The total weight of the battery package being only 400g (incl. cables!) made it the lightest of the whole field. Fast re- and unloading circles and constantly high voltage levels put our batteries through the test: they convinced through excellent and effortless performance all along.

Our sponsorship

We are a proud sponsor of TUfast and DART. Supporting the future engineering elite and gaining insightful information about our battery's performance under extreme conditions are two good reasons for us to sponsor these two hard working and innovative teams.